Online-Access Wins Gold Again in 2010 for its
BoastHost Audio Testimonial System  

The NEWS' 2010 seventh annual Dealer Design Award for Software and Services was captured again by Online-Access, this time for BoastHost, a system that captures customer feedback by phone, then drops it into a management system where feedback can be reviewed, organized and posted to a contractor's website. The streamlined system is easy to maintain and flexible, useful for promoting your company, your people and even specific products and services you offer.
According to Dave Squires, president of Online-Access, business owners know how very valuable customer testimonials are to their business. But, they are increasingly rare as customers are busy and sending a letter takes time. BoastHost lets customers give feedback immediately and almost effortlessly. Better yet, it captures their enthusiasm... all for less than $10 a month!

PagePilot E-Commerce System Wins
2009 Dealer Design Gold Award 

PagePilot E-Commerce, an online store system that brings together the strengths of Contractors and Distributors to the benefit of both, was awarded 1st Place in the Software and Services category.
David Squires, president of Online-Access was delighted with the recognition. "We've worked hard to be the first company to introduce a 'plug-n-play' e-commerce solution for HVAC contractor websites that is easy for contractors to install and maintain while supporting and strengthening their current dealer/wholesaler relationships. Developing a system that facilitates the interests and needs of both parties made sense to us. We've invested countless hours in designing and refining our system and couldn't be happier."


Judge's comments regarding PagePilot E-Commerce: an all-inclusive Web-based solution for creating a retail site on a contractor's site. The reminder function is a big plus in gaining repeat purchases. Payment through PayPal is a trusted partner and lends credibility to the site.

It offers very smooth integration features for people who want to sell directly outside service contracts.



It's a great value for the dollar and an excellent entry-level on ramp to [a] Website presence and an e-commerce solution that puts the power of site edits and updates in the hands of a contractor.
You don't need to know much more than MS [Microsoft] Word to be able to navigate this full-featured product. Great Job!