Customer testimonials for your website

are as easy as just a phone call from your customers

There's nothing to invest in and little they have to do, just speed dial BoastHost and hand the customer their phone. A voice message invites the customer to let you know how their company is doing. BoastHost converts the message to an audio file you can listen to and easily ad to your website for others to hear.

Or, if you'd prefer, we can provide a toll-free number you can publish for your customers to call with feedback from any phone at any time.

BoastHost does much more than testimonials

You can use BoastHost yourself to create audio infomercials up to 3 minutes long for your website. Running a special? Now you can literally tell visitors to your website all about it. Want to bolster sales of a specific service, offer your visitors a quick rundown of its benefits. Then, create a playlist for the service including your message and the testimonials of customers who have tried and been happy with it.

Post it on the page of your site specific to that service and you're done.

If you run a business, you know how wonderful it is when a customer takes the time to write and tell you how how happy they are with your company, a service person or a product they purchased. You also know how rare it is that happy customers take the time to write or think to call. Why? They're busy and good service is what they expect, don't you?

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