BoastHost does much more than Testimonials

You can use BoastHost yourself to create audio infomercials up to three minutes long for your website. To bolster sales of a specific service, offer your visitors a quick rundown of its benefits. Then, create a playlist for the service including your message and the testimonials of customers who have tried and been happy with it.

Post it on the page of your site specific to that service and you're done.There are many ways that you can use BoastHost for your company.
From service contractors to retail stores, BoastHost can help build customer confidence and your customer base.


Use it to Create Audio Marketing Messages

Running a special? Now you can literally tell visitors to your website all about it. Or, give them tips on the value and dangers of humidity, or the benefits of temperature zoning? BoastHost is versatile!

BoastHost Encourages Traffic to Your Site

As an added benefit, customers who leave you feedback will likely visit your website to hear how they sound. While there, they can learn about other services you perform. As any marketer knows, customers who already like and use you for one service are your best prospects for additional business.

Capture Customer Comments to use for Message-on-Hold

Many companies use the time a customer may be on hold to market to them. Messages can be harvested from your BoastHost feedback and they can be mixed with information on your company to both inform them and create an impression.

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