Player Style Options

If you're like most companies, your website has several different pages with different layouts. That's why BoastHost offers three different player styles for you to choose from. Neutral in color, one is sure to work with your design and the space you have available. BoastHost lets you title your messages as you want, whether by customer name and date, or whatever title works for your particular use.
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The button player is good for very small places and can be placed next to words on your website to introduce it. The button player can feature as many messages as you want, but does not display message information. Visitors can click the button to start listening and can click it again to stop.

The slim player contains a full playlist, but only displays information for the message currently being played. It's compact shape make it perfect for smaller areas.

The full player lets site visitors view several tracks on your message playlist at a glance. Listeners can allow messages to play in order or they can select specific messages. Player is shown actual size.
With BoastHost, you can use different players for different pages of your site, choosing the one that looks best with your layout. Anytime you receive new BoastHost messages you can listen to them, then title and assign them to one or more playlists. Once you've selected the player you want and inserted a playlist to a webpage of your site, changes and additions to the playlist are managed through your BoastHost login. They are automatically reflected in your website.