BoastHost Overview

The secret to BoastHost is to recognize that every day your company gets great testimonials that your office never sees. Why??? - because it's usually your employees who interact with your customers who hear the good stuff! BoastHost is simply an automated system that proactively lets you capture, organize, and publish all these priceless compliments and testimonials with very little effort.

Now, when your tech hears a customer complimenting him or your company, he simply needs to ask if they would mind if he captured their comment for your company's website. When they say yes (which most do) your tech simply uses his cell phone to connect to your company's BoastHost phone number and then hands the phone to the customer to repeat their comment/testimonial.

How BoastHost works...

When your customer is handed the phone,
these are the instructions they will hear:

Hi... You've reached our customer feedback line. Thank you for telling us how our company is doing. If you don't mind letting us use your comment on our website, please start your comment by giving your first name only and the city you're from before leaving us your feedback. Please start at the sound of the tone.

Once your customer repeats their great comments about your company into your employee's cell phone, your BoastHost system will instantly take your customer's testimonial, convert it to a sound file that can be played on the Internet, date and name the file, then load it up to the web so it is ready and waiting your approval to be played on your company's website.

Publishing customer testimonials has never
been easier than using BoastHost

When your customer's testimonial has been converted and stored on our servers, BoastHost notifies you by email that you have testimonials waiting to be approved for your site.

When you open your BoastHost email, you need only click the link within the email to open up BoastHost where you will see a list of all un-posted testimonial files. By simply clicking on any of the captured testimonials you'll be able to listen to it. If you want to play it in your website, you need only label the testimony appropriately and tell the system which playlist(s) you want it to appear on in your website. It's that easy and simple now to "put your happy customers in front of potential ones."

Audio testimonials for your website

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