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Testimonials and word-of-mouth advertising are invaluable when it comes to sales and gaining the trust of new customers. How valuable would it be if you had a paragraph like the one below on your company website:

Listen to what our customers are saying
this week about our company"

How powerful would letting potential customers actually hear existing customers in their own voice tell how good you are -especially if there were over 200 to choose from and the fifteen most recent testimonials were dated this week!

Using BoastHost to help sell your company, products and services is easy. With BoastHost you will be able to have as many testimonial playlists in your website as you want. Imagine having a company directory where each employee had a playlist with 30-40 customers praising their skill and professionalism... or a playlist for every major product you sell with multiple testimonials from customers who have already purchased the product your potential customer is looking at! This is exactly what BoastHost will do for your website.

Customer testimonials for your website are as easy as a phone call

There's nothing to invest in and little your employees have to do, just speed dial BoastHost and hand the customer their phone. A voice message invites the customer to let you know how their company is doing. BoastHost converts the message to an audio file you can listen to and easily add to your website for others to hear. If you'd prefer, we can provide a toll-free number you can publish for your customers to call with feedback from any phone at any time.

If you run a business, you know how wonderful it is when a customer takes the time to write and tell you how how happy they are with your company, a service person or a product they purchased. You also know how rare it is that happy customers take the time to write or think to call. Why? They're busy and good service is what they expect ...don't you?

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by Frank Harrison of General AC

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BoastHost is a low cost audio testimonial system that captures customer referrals and praise for your products or services. With BostHost you can insert and manage audio playlists and voice testimonials of customer and client endorsements anywhere on your website or the Internet. Besides the obvious use of quick "word of mouth" product testimonials and reviews, the system works well for professional as well as in-home residential services like; plumbers and plumbing companies, HVAC and air conditioning firms, electricians, landscaping companies, remodelers and carpenters. BoastHost can be used in the USA and Canada*.

*Canadian use may incur additional long-distance charges